Called to Serve

Our staff loves coming to work every day. We work together to serve and guide the church as we pursue our mission, vision, and values. If you have questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! Thanks for taking a moment to connect with us!


Abraham Garcia

Allen Stroud

Amalia Garcia

Amanda Murphy

Candice Insalaco

Carol Terry

Caroline Allison

Chet Sowell

Crystal Betters

Dan Marengo

Deah Turner

Debra Tobolka

Derek Smits

Eddie James

Emily Waldrop

Emory Cothen

Esther Moulder

Gabriel Jimenez

Georgia Sullivan

Gina Cooper

Jay Breitenstein

Jeff Mathis

Jon Bailey

Jordan Gregory

Jorge Jimenez

Kirk McDowell

Kris Segrest

Lane Vanveckhoven

Miles McDowell

Robert Watson

Scott Finch

Stephanie Carroll

Tara Lopez

Terry Ensley

Theresa Evetts


The Church Leadership Council (“CLC”) is comprised of select staff and lay leaders who are elected by the members of FBW. They provide oversight, accountability, and counsel in the areas of strategic planning, financial management, personnel administration, and legal and contractual approval.

The CLC includes:

Kris Segrest
Theresa Evetts
Allen Stroud
Darin Reeves
Greg Fields
Rick Dirkse
Dan Rainey
Mike Williams
Cheriana Bowen
Jim Clarke

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