PRESS RELEASE January 7, 2022

At First Baptist Church Wylie, we take our responsibility to care for students and all members of our church family very seriously. Our policies, training, and guidelines are intended to facilitate a safe and nurturing environment in which congregants can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

To this end we have taken multiple steps to ensure that we are utilizing the best practices and safeguards available that reflect our church’s policies and values. These policies protect our congregation as well as employees and volunteer staff. They are spelled out in documents such as our Employee Policies and Procedures Guide, Student Ministry Safety Policies and Procedures as well as training that is provided on Sexual Abuse Awareness. Employees can be disciplined or have their employment terminated for violating these safeguards whether or not there has been criminal misconduct. Church policies, and the training provided regarding those policies, are reviewed at least annually with those covered by these policies, including certification that the important information included in these policies was received and reviewed.

Due to his violation of the Student Ministry Safety Policies and Procedures, Tim Wells, junior high minister, was terminated. Subsequently, Mr. Wells was charged with a crime and has been arrested.

Our church leadership first became aware of the allegations against Mr. Wells in December. Church leadership immediately placed Mr. Wells on a leave of absence. Following an investigation by church leadership, Mr. Wells’ employment at First Baptist Church Wylie was terminated.

Further, church leadership followed church policies and protocols, immediately reporting the allegations to the appropriate authorities, including the Wylie Police Department. Then, church leadership worked with local agencies, including the Wylie Police Department, Murphy Police Department, and the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, to assist in their investigation.

You can find a copy of the Student Ministry Safety Policies and Procedures by clicking the link below. If you have any questions or have a concern that any of these policies have been violated, please email CLC@FBW.CHURCH. Please keep all of those who have been impacted by this situation in your prayers.