Welcome to FBW

Saturday at 6 pm, Sunday at 11 am
Spanish at 11 am


Worship Inside at FBW

Beginning the weekend of August 22 & 23, we will be returning for worship in the building! We are so excited about taking this next step to reuniting and we hope you will join us. We know that not everyone is ready to gather for corporate worship, and we understand that. For some, it’s just too soon to feel comfortable. For others, there are health concerns that means they should not be here. But for those who are ready, we are taking all of the steps and precautions we can to make it a safe, meaningful time.    

For more information on how we are preparing for you, visit fbw.church/reunite.

In-person Worship Times

Worship at 6 pm
Growth Groups at 7:15 pm

Growth Groups at 9:30 am
Worship at 11 am
Spanish at 11 am

Join us for Church Online

We will keep bringing church to you online, with the same experience we’ve offered during these last few months. While we continue to look forward to the day when we can all gather together again, we understand that some folks just aren’t ready…and that’s okay. We hope you will join us for an incredible time of worship online each weekend. Our Kid’s Life worship experience starts 20 minutes before each of our services.

For more information about online church, visit fbw.church/reunite.

Online Service Times 

Saturday – 6 pm
Sunday – 8, 9:30, & 11 am  |  7 pm
Monday – 7 pm
Tuesday – 7 pm
Wednesday – 7 pm

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Growth Group is the fundamental strategy at FBW for leading people to faith and for building followers of Christ through the study of the Bible while engaging people in evangelism and discipleship. The Growth Group is the best way to assimilate people in the church and  is a place where people can get to know others.


(Grades 7-12)

Collide student ministry is a group of students (7th-12th grade) that exists to spread god’s fame by making disciples of all people. Our desire is for students to take the next step on their faith journey, whatever that step may be! We have a place for everyone and would love for you to come check us out sometime!


(Birth-6th Grade)

The FBW Kids’ Ministry partners with parents to raise up the next generation of God fearing, Jesus loving, disciple makers. We teach children to learn how to study their Bible, help develop a foundation of solid Biblical learning, and actively live out their faith at school, on their teams, and at home.

FBW is here to help in uncertain times.

24 Hour Spiritual Support

COVID-19 has brought on many unforeseen challenges such as isolating from friends and family. If you need prayer, or just need someone to talk to, FBW is here to help.

Assistance During COVID-19

In response to the spiritual, emotional, financial and/or physical challenges you may have as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, let FBW know how we can serve you.

Serve Your Community

If you would like to help FBW meet the spiritual, emotional, financial and/or physical needs that the COVID-19 outbreak has created, let us know by saying yes to serve.

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